How does Layby Work

Why Layby? 

Not all of us have the means to pay upfront for products we need in our everyday life. With Layby, you can buy your dream product without breaking the bank, and avoid the interest, fees and charges you might face using finance companies or credit cards.

How Does Layby Work?

A Layby Purchase is when you pay for your purchase in instalments, and once full price has been paid, or the required number of instalments specified in the purchase agreement, you receive your items.

You can refer to the link below to read more about Layby purchases and your rights as a consumer:

Things to consider before you place a Layby order with Salbro:

  • Check your rights by clicking the link above, or seek some professional advice.

  • Read our Layby Terms & Conditions listed on our website.

  • Make sure your financial situation (income, affordability) is appropriate for your purchase.

  • Contact us online/Facebook/phone/email to ask any questions you may have about price, options size.

  • Please check the Layby description mentioned under the product (minimum payments, weekly price, full price, total number of payments).

Contact us if you need help placing an order online, or if you have any additional questions.


Important Note for Our Customers:

We recommend that before you buy any product on Layby, you should discuss the purchase with your friends and family members, or seek budget advice if required. 

There are free and independent budget advisory services available throughout New Zealand 

You can visit the links below for free budget advice: 

Citizens Advice Bureau:

For Budgeting Tips:

Layby Purchase Steps:

  • Choose the product you want to buy, and select the Layby option.

  • Read the Layby Terms labelled above Apply now Button

  • Click Apply Now Button and fill out the Order Form

  • Once you complete the Order Form, please cross check all the details. Read and tick all the boxes, sign the form using your finger or mouse and click Submit.

  • Read all the documents, and contact Salbro if you have any questions.

  • Do the minimum payments required for delivery.

  • Once the minimum payments have been processed, Salbro will dispatch your goods.

  • Once you receive your goods, carry on paying the purchase until it’s paid in full.

  • Once your purchase is paid in full, your payments will stop automatically.


 What Happens After I Place My Layby Order?

Once you place your order online, you will get all the Layby Purchase Information sent to your email right away. This includes:

  • the Layby Purchase Agreement

  • Copy of the Layby Terms & Conditions

  • Welcome letter

  • Copy of Product Description

  • Copy of Direct Debit form for Payments

We recommend that once you receive the documents you should:

  • Read the purchase agreement to make sure that the description, total price, delivery time and payment starting date are clear and as shown online or agreed by us.

  • Read the Terms and Conditions and understand your rights (cancellation, delivery, etc.)

  • Contact us immediately if you find any mistake in your order.

  • Please note when you place an order online there can be issues such as typos or technical errors. Feel free to contact our team to rectify those errors.



If you have any difficulties in placing an order online and need help, please contact our team on 09 869 7300. We also have a dedicated Salbro Facebook Page where customers can do live chat with our agents and they can assist you with any queries you should have. Our friendly team is always working hard to deliver the best in time. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 11am to 6pm. For general inquiries, you can write to and for Product & Sales inquiries you can write to

If you are not happy and would like to lodge a complaint, please send your complaint to or alternatively call us on 09 869 7300.Our team will get back to you as soon as we can to resolve your problem.

You can check our FAQs Page for more information on our before and after sales processes.